Weight loss burlesque: sensual fitness

Photo by: Tony Woodhead Learn burlesque dance to lose weight: here is a way to obtain an enviable line by developing sensuality and taking care of the deepest aspect of our femininity.

Fitness offers increasingly innovative courses aimed at improving our physical and psychological condition. But if our nature is sweet and we do not like frantic rhythms and bodybuilder muscles, burlesque could be the ideal way to keep fit, and even lose weight if we need it.

This particular type of show was born in the United States at the beginning of the last century, and it had nothing to do with streptease. They were comic representations, with a slender plot, in which even succinctly dressed women performed. The success of this particularity made it so that in a short time it became the central feature.

Only later, always on the wave of applause and curiosity, was the real striptease added. The essential characteristic of this performance remains, however, the ironic connotation.

Fans, balloons and ostrich feathers are the tools used in this dance. But the benefits that derive from it arise from the improvement of the relationship with our body. Burlesque helps you lose weight by acting on the muscles, posture and posture, which benefit from these movements while having fun.



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